Is the dow up today?

About the DOW:The Dow is a combined average of how 30 of the largest US-listed companies have traded today. It takes the market cap and price into account, for it’s a weighted average. It is a great metric to show how the US markets have performed on a given day.

What companies are in the dow?
As of June 2018 the Dow is the following 30 companies.
3M Ticker: MMM
AXP American Express Ticker: AXP
AAPL Apple Ticker: AAPL
BA Boeing Ticker: BA
Caterpillar Ticker: CAT
Chevron Ticker: CVX
Cisco Ticker: CSCO
Coca Cola Ticker: KO
Disney Ticker: DIS
DowDuPont Ticker: DWDP
Exxon Mobil Ticker: XOM
General Electric Ticker: GE
Goldman Sachs Ticker: GS
Home Depot Ticker: HD
IBM Ticker: IBM
Intel Ticker: INTC
Johnson & Johnson Ticker: JNJ
JPMorgan Chase Ticker: JPM
McDonald’s Ticker: MCD
Merck Ticker: MRK
Microsoft Ticker: MSFT
Nike Ticker: NKE
Pfizer Ticker: PFE
Procter & Gamble Ticker: G
Travelers Companies Inc Ticker: TRV
United Technologies Ticker: UTX
UnitedHealth Ticker: UNH
Verizon Ticker: VZ
Visa Ticker: V
Walmart Ticker: WMT

The Dow is named after Charles and his associate Ed Jones. The Dow average is a price-weighted index and the value of the Dow is not the actual average of the prices of its tracked stocks, but rather the total of the stock prices divided by a divisor, which changes whenever one of the component stocks has a split or dividend. The Dow probably the most popular benchmark for tracking overall US stock market activity & exchange health.